Would you spend more time on the water if it were easier?

Our locals program is for you.

Just Get come the beach and paddle....No Hauling - No Maintenance - No Storage

We wanted to create a way to make Lake Huron more accessible to our residents. By taking away some barriers of entry of watercraft ownership and offering a variety of watercraft to choose from, we provide a unique service specifically geared to Harbor Beach residents.  You aren't going to see anything else like it!

Locals can sign up for our Season Paddle program and use our single kayaks, tandem kayaks, and stand up paddleboards an unlimited amount of times during the season...even when we aren't open.  You could kayak Tuesday & Thursday mornings and paddleboard Wednesday nights. You could bring that friend who's visiting and take a tandem kayak out for a spin in the harbor. As long as we aren't renting them out, they are yours to use sun up to sun down.

We will also be offering discount Multi Passes

Buy in bulk, save some money. Perfect for weekenders and those who want to kayak here and there throughout the season. A Multi Pass is good for 10 rentals of any type during open hours. 


Sound Interesting?

We are currently guaging local interest in these programs to see if they would be viable in our community. Let us know if your interested and we will keep you posted on any details to follow.

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