Welcome to Harbor Beach  Kayak


Explore the sheltered harbor that includes a historic lighthouse and a shallow water shipwreck

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Closed for the Season


(989) 551-1314


1 Trescott Street, Harbor Beach


Rent a Kayak or SUP 

Harbor Beach has a wonderful harbor that includes a couple great attractions within a very short paddle from our launch at Lincoln Park. Where else can you paddle to a shipwreck and a lighthouse within an hour? 

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Dorcas Pendell Shipwreck

Sitting just below the surface of the water you'll find the skeleton of the Dorcas Pendell

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Harbor Beach Lighthouse

Cruise by the updated Harbor Beach Lighthouse on your tour of the harbor

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Explore the Harbor

See the old Coast Guard lifesaving station, visit the marina, or tool around the break wall

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Spend a day in Port Austin

Stop by our flagship location for a kayak trip to Turnip Rock, snag  some new threads from our surf shop, or grab dinner and a drink in the backyard beer garden on Bird Creek overlooking Lake Huron.