About  the Shipwreck

It's an easy, short paddle from Lincoln Park to the remains of the Dorcas Pendell. The ship sits just below the surface of the water making it easily viewable even if the water is a little rough.

It's exciting (or scary depending on your viewpoint) to paddle over such a well preserved and shallow water shipwreck. 


The Dorcas Pendell was a schooner built in 1884 and Burned in place On July 6th 1914 after running aground.

Schooner DORCAS PENDELL, U. S. No. 157124. Of 407 tons gross; 389 tons net. Built East Saginaw, Mich, 1884. Home port, Buffalo, N.Y. 148.0 x 30.9 x 11.0 Crew of 6  Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1913