If you don't know Harbor Beach, you're not alone! It's a quiet little city on the Eastern coast of Lake Huron. Unlike many other Thumb shoreline communities, the majority of Harbor Beach residents live there year round. There is an influx of travelers and weekenders in the Summer but Harbor Beach has more balance than many of the other local communities.

In the last 7 years Harbor Beach has made major strides to be a more outdoor focused and pedestrian friendly community. The addition of a city wide walking and bike trail system, a completely rehabbed beach area, and the decommissioning of a coal power plant are just a few of the major items helping improve the city. The new Lincoln Park beach has brought kayakers both by land and by water as part of the Thumb Coast Heritage Water Trail. 

This progressive community has also taken control of their historic lighthouse, found a unique way to handle dredging their harbor, fundraised to upgrade their beautiful theater, and added cabins to increase tourism.

Watch out...Harbor Beach is on the rise!


Projects CompleteD

Beach Rehab & Blight Removal

  • Removal of grain elevator & storage buildings
  • Removal of overhead power lines & upgraded electrical infrastructure
  • New gazebo on the beach
  • New playground equipment
  • Pedestrian path
  • Retaining wall between park & beach

Waterworks Park Upgrades

  • New pavilion & fish cleaning station
  • Rentable cabins

Relocation of historical building 

Harbor View Trail (Phases 1 - 3)


Projects Ongoing

Harbor View Trail (phase 5)

Harbor Dredging

Natural Area Cleanup @ Beach

Dismantling of DTE coal energy plant


Projects to be started soon

Old Coast Guard Lifesaving Station Pier and Facilities

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Harbor Beach Community House Theater hosts the Harbor Beach Gameshow Series