Our Season Paddle Program is for you.

Just Get come the beach and paddle....No Hauling - No Maintenance - No Storage


We wanted to have a way to make Lake Huron more accessible to our residents. By taking away some barriers of entry to watercraft ownership and offering a variety of watercraft to choose from, we provide a unique service specifically geared to Harbor Beach residents.  You aren't going to see anything else like it!

Locals can sign up for our Season Paddle program and use our single kayaks, tandem kayaks, and stand up paddleboards an unlimited amount of times during the season...even when we aren't open.  Our recreational watercraft are high quality and we also provide paddles and life jackets for your use.


Why would I want a membership?


1. Ease

We take away many of the barriers to getting on the water. You don't have to buy, register, store, or transport a kayak. You don't have to remember your life jacket or paddle...everything is waiting for you at the water's edge!

2. Flexibility

You can choose between 3 different types of watercraft. Feeling more like a paddleboard today and a kayak tomorrow? No problem! You can use either.

Have a friend in town that wants to go for a paddle? No problem! Grab a tandem kayak and show them around the harbor.

3. Quality

All of our watercraft are high quality and chosen specifically to be great for beginners but perform at a level advanced paddlers can enjoy.


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The ultimate local deal.

Best suited for full time locals or weekenders who are here often.

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Program Details

What you get:

Access to high quality single kayaks, tandem kayaks, and stand up paddleboards right on the beach an unlimited number of times during the season.

(see access schedule below)

What you need:

A smartphone & a desire to be on the water!


Access Schedule

The sunrise and sunset hours are yours to enjoy all season long



Monday - Friday

Unlimited Access to members sunrise to sunset


Sunrise to 9 am & 6 pm to Sunset

+ drop-in access during open hours




Sunrise to 9 am & 6 pm to Sunset

+ drop-in access during open hours



Monday - Friday

Unlimited Access to members sunrise to sunset


Sunrise to 9 am & 6 pm to Sunset

+ drop-in access during open hours



  • Members are required to sign to a liability waiver to complete membership process
  • Members are responsible for checking the weather and water conditions are safe for paddling
  • Access is restricted before sunrise and after sunset
  • Members MUST take a life jacket in their kayak. It's the law and you could get a ticket (or drown)
  • Paddleboards are a flotation device themselves, so life jackets are optional (but recommended)
  • A season paddle membership is for 1 user. The membership cannot be shared
  • Members can bring a friend and use a tandem kayak (not availble for drop in access)
  • After getting a paddle and life jacket, members need to lock the bins
  • Members need to return their watercraft to the rack after use
  • We reserve the right to revoke memberships (without refund) for misuse  


We'll do our best to answer some basic questions, but if you need more information, please contact us.


Q: Will someone be there to help me?

A: Maybe.  Most of the member access schedule is when our kiosk is not open. If you're returning from your paddle close to our open time, or going out soon after we close you might catch us there. If you do a "drop in" we will be there too. If you run into an issue, you can always call and we will get back to you asap. Please feel free to stop in any time we are open and tell us about your adventures!

Q: How do I get access to the watercraft if no one is there?

We will give you in person instructions on exactly how this works, but in a nutshell, your smartphone will unlock the cabinets. You grab a paddle, a life jacket, and a watercraft off the rack. When you finish up, put everything back and you're done!

Q: Can I use the Season Paddle program without my smartphone?

A: Yes! You will need a small fob that you can use instead. You can purchase one here.

Q: What do you mean by "drop-in access"? 

During our open hours, rentals are our main focus. However, if we have kayaks that aren't rented and you want to get out on the water, we can send you out.

This requires a little discretion on our part and a little understanding on your part. Don't assume we can get you a kayak during open hours. There are a lot of reasons we may not be able to, but we promise we will do our best.

Q: Can't I buy a kayak for  like $200?

A: Yes you can. You won't like it, but you can.  We highly recommend buying your own kayak if you are going to use it in other places, have a way to transport it, and have space to store it.  Don't forget you'll also need a paddle and a life jacket (it's the law).

You'll want to spend around $600-700 to get something decent. In the off season, Port Austin Kayak sells used versions of the same kayaks we rent for  around $300-$600. click here for more 

REMINDER: The  Season Paddle program will let you select from 3 different watercraft whenever you want...it's not just a kayak. You also don't have to store, transport, or register the watercraft.

Q: When does the season start/end?

A: That REALLY depends on the weather. We will get the kayaks out as soon as we can in the season and leave them out as long as we can. Generally, they come out in late April and go back into storage in October.

Q: Do you offer any other discount programs?

A: Yes! We also offer discount Multi Passes, perfect for weekenders and those who only want to kayak every week or so throughout the season. Click here for more.